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Robert came to Maui in 2000 after thirty years as a business owner in Illinois. He has a passion for real estate and Maui. During his 18 years of representing Buyers and Sellers, he has committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with his clients and spends quality time with them to understand their dreams and needs. Take advantage of his wealth of knowledge in the Maui Real Estate Market to find that special place for you!

Robert's Historical Blogs

History of Kaanapali ... click here

Maui, sitting in the middle of the main Hawaiian island chain, is a geological youngster. Haleakala, still volcanically active in the 18th century, rises higher than 10,000 feet on the eastern end of the island.

View From The Masters ... click here

Imagine living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Ka’anapali. With Lanai to your left, Molokai to your right, and three miles of white sand and crystal-clear water, this is a pristine place to plant your roots.

The Lahaina Gateway Center ... click here

Experience the latest fashions, grab a delicious and healthy bite to eat, and enjoy a variety of other services, shops and eateries at Lahaina Gateway Center, West Maui's premier open-air shopping center just blocks away from Front Street.

Lahaina has a Rich History ... click here

The earliest settlers of Maui stepped foot on its shores around 450 A.D. However, it was the prosperity of the 1800s and the foresight of King Kamehameha that put Lahaina on the map.

Construction in West Maui ... click here

Nestled in the heart of Lahaina, West Maui’s newest residential community offers families a range of high quality affordable homes, access to everyday essentials, and a warm base for daily adventures.

Visit Maui and Stay for a Lifetime ... click here

Health and wellness is an important theme in the West Maui tropical paradise. There are a myriad of holistic wellness options, naturopaths, spas, fitness centers and yoga.

Where On Maui ... click here

Maui is a destination for sunny tropical vacations. The breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring views make it nearly impossible not to want to live here.

Happy Thanksgiving ... click here

If you're looking for a great local business to support this Holiday Season, Maui Pie in Kihei is one of my favorites. They offer an array of delicious homemade pies made with love and the best ingredients.

Maui Real Estate Boom ... click here

An important thing to know about the beginning of Maui housing development is that travel to the islands were not a viable option until the invention of the steam boat in the 1800s.

Festive Event on Maui ... click here

One of the most popular and festive events on Maui island is the Maui Fair and has been a part of Maui life for 95 years. This year's fair was held in the second week of Oct.

History and Homecoming of the Hokulea ... click here

The Hokulea is one of Hawaii's most prized natural treasure. It's an integral part of the state's history, known as Hawaii's voyaging canoe.

What's Next for Maui After Sugar? ... click here

Maui has been famous for sugar. Alexander & Baldwin is one of the biggest sugar production companies in Hawaii, which explains why it made headlines...

West Maui Claims 3 spots in the Top 10 Best ... click here

Maui Top Ten Best beaches. Maui attracts people from all over the world seeking relaxation and nature. Maui is known for a variety of microclimates.

Prime Investment Property in Downtown Lahaina, Maui ... click here

Steeped in rich history, Lahaina on the west of Maui was first called Lele the Land of the Relentless Sun. In the late 1700s King Kamehameha made it capital.

I am available to talk with you anytime about your real estate investments, the current state of the Maui market, or anything else related to Maui. The Maui market has been improving and now may be a good time to review your current situation and goals to see if there are any investment opportunities for you. Please call me at (808) 283-3067 anytime.
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